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Veterinary Vaccinology


Authors: Edited by P. P. Pastoret, J. Blancou, P. Vannier, C. Verschueren
Publishing: Elsevier
Published: 1999
Vaccination is widely recognised as one of the most efficient tools in public health, showing obvious cost-benefit advantages for all target populations involved. Vaccines in the veterinary field can contribute greatly to the welfare of domestic and wild animals and, indirectly, to environmental protection. The aim of animal vaccination will increasingly be to prevent dissemination of zoonoses (such as rabies, taeniosis, salmonellosis, etc.) rather than to protect the animal itself, especially when infection or infestation is not harmful to the reservoir (cysticercosis). At present there is insufficient overall understanding of some important aspects of veterinary vaccines. Literature on the subject exists, but often consists of either research communications or 'catalogue-type' descriptive works. This unique book fills a gap within the already available literature. The scope is broad and covers all aspects of vaccines and vaccination in the animal health sector. This book with its broad perspective is intended for the use of professionals involved in vaccines and vaccination, as well as for interested students.




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