International cooperation

Human cortical neurons from Induced Pluripotent Stem ( iPS ) cells

14.11.2013   |   International cooperation

A Belgian university has patented a method to produce highly pure, well-defined and disease-relevant human cortical neurons to use as reagent in support to drug development processes .The university is developing innovative models to study neuronal specification and human neuronal diseases. The university is looking for technical cooperation...


New prognostic and diagnostic tools for breast cancer

5.11.2013   |   International cooperation

A Belgian University laboratory shows that a set of immune genes have high prognostic value in specific tumor categories. By laying the ground for better understanding of breast cancer heterogeneity and improved tumor taxonomy, the precise epigenetic portraits drawn here should contribute to better management of breast cancer patients. The...


Marker-free analysis microscopy of biomolecules

1.11.2013   |   International cooperation

An institute of a German university has developed a microscope, which analyzes particles on the nano- and micrometer scale through optical measurement procedures. It allows for the analysis of nanoparticles or small structures with sensitivity as far as 1 nm without using markers. The technology can be used e.g. for biological cells analysis,...


Rapid identification of airborne microbial contaminants

30.10.2013   |   International cooperation

A UK manufacturer of consumer goods is searching for technologies for rapid identification of airborne microbial contamination, to genus level. Solutions must be at least as sensitive as the contact plate method but faster. They must be suitable for high volume manufacturing. The nature of the technology has no limitations. The type of...


Hair Care Ingredients for Straightening

28.10.2013   |   International cooperation

A Brussels-based multinational active in consumer goods aims at identifying hair care ingredients or products that can be used to straighten hair. The company is open to licensing or technology purchase.


Immunoassay for rapid diagnosis of infectious diseases caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa

24.10.2013   |   International cooperation

Two public research intitutions and one University have developed an immunochemical method for diagnosis of infections produced by Pseudomonas aeruginosa. The immunoassay is fast and efficient, with low LOD and adaptable to point-of care devices. Companies interested in patent licensing and/or in collaborating in the development of its...


High redox potential and blood-tolerant laccase, applicable for biosensor design

22.10.2013   |   International cooperation

A Spanish public research organisation has developed a blood tolerant laccase enzyme with high redox potential. This oxidase enzyme has been obtained through directed evolution (protein engineering) and shows special features that allow the preservation of its catalytic activity in physiological fluids, making it ideal for being used in...


Broad-spectrum bactericidal murein-hydrolases (enzybiotics)

18.10.2013   |   International cooperation

Two Spanish public research organisations have developed a polypeptide that allows building new lytic enzymes with improved bactericidal action and broad spectrum of action. This helps to obtain new pharmaceutical compositions for treating infections caused by pneumococcus and other Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. Enterprises are sought...


New prognostic and diagnostic tool for detection of tuberculosis

16.10.2013   |   International cooperation

A Belgian university has patented an in vitro assay using HBHA (Heparin-Binding Haemagglutinin Adhesin) to identify patients infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis but with no clinical symptoms and to detect patients at risk of developing active tuberculosis versus latent tuberculosis. The university is looking for license agreement and/or...


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