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Why super-gonorrhoea is spreading and may soon be untreatable
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Why super-gonorrhoea is spreading and may soon be untreatable

27.4.2016: England’s public health agency has launched an “incident response” after discovering more cases of gonorrhoea that are resistant to nearly all antibiotics. Gonorrhoea, also known as “the clap”, was largely controlled by antibiotics after the second world war. But the bacteria readily acquire genes for resisting drugs, and by 2012, the World Health Organization warned that strains of the infection were appearing that resisted nearly all classes of antibiotics.

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7.12.2015: Currently, we solve three main tasks using Arabidopsis thaliana as model: 1. Genetic determination of metabolome pathway connected to prenylflavonoid and lupulin production in hop. 2. Study of...

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Make cold chain  temperature controlled logistics your domain
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19.1.2016: Amsterdam, January 12, 2016 – On the 17th of May, professionals from cold & supply chain, logistics, distribution, warehousing, quality assurance and validation, sales and operations planning,...

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Safe microencapsulation technology for cosmetics, health, food, nutraceutics, paper, chemistry and other applications related
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8.4.2016: A French SME offers a new and 100 % safe encapsulation technology for oily products. This technology is based on a patented process to prepare microspheres from agro-based shell material. Pilot scale...


3.2.2016: We are organizing a summer school to be held on June 20th-24th, 2016 at Research Establishment of National Research Council of Italy in Rome, and we would very much like to insert the advertisement...




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