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Plant protein structure database will help to uncover unknown functions of plant genes
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Plant protein structure database will help to uncover unknown functions of plant genes

4.3.2015: Rigorous analysis of the structures of thousands of plant proteins by Tetsuya Sakurai and colleagues from the RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science has led to the construction of a database that will help scientists identify the functions of more plant genes. Although the complete genomes have been sequenced for a number of plants and their genes have been identified, the functions of many of these genes remain unknown.

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Fertilizer and fuel: Nitrogen-fixing enzyme also produces hydrocarbons
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9.2.2015: Plants need nitrogen and carbon to grow. Photosynthesis allows them to take in the latter directly from the air, but they have to procure nitrogen through their roots in the form of organic molecules...

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DNA clock helps to get measure of people\'s lifespans
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4.3.2015: Scientists have identified a biological clock that provides vital clues about how long a person is likely to live. Researchers studied chemical changes to DNA that take place over a lifetime, and...

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24.2.2015: A French SME offers a flexible, high-quality, secure, traceable and complete solution for the management and storage of biological and clinical samples. The SME is looking for R&D institution,...


11.8.2014: Understand the valuation concepts and techniques that are commonly applied in the pharma and biotech industries, Pharma-Biotech Product and Company Valuation with Dr. Patrik Frei!

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