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Research shows viral DNA infects cells by changing from solid to fluid-like state

30.9.2014: Many double-stranded DNA viruses infect cells by ejecting their genetic information into a host cell. But how does the usually rigid DNA packaged inside a virus' shell flow from the virus to the cell? In two separate studies, Carnegie Mellon University biophysicist Alex Evilevitch has shown that in viruses that infect both bacteria and humans, a phase transition at the temperature of infection allows the DNA to change from a rigid crystalline structure into a fluid-like structure that facilitates infection.

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Cancer treatment clears two Australian patients of HIV
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15.9.2014: Scientists have uncovered two new cases of HIV patients in whom the virus has become undetectable. The two patients, both Australian men, became apparently HIV-free after receiving stem cells to...

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Most accurate measures of gene expression
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1.10.2014: RNA-sequencing allows measuring the gene expression of humans or other organisms. The method has recently become very popular in bioscience and medical research, and it is being adopted to clinical...

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30.9.2014: A Spanish public research organization has developed a method based on the real time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) technique to amplify any of the lineages of the the West Nile Virus (WNV)...


11.8.2014: Understand the valuation concepts and techniques that are commonly applied in the pharma and biotech industries, Pharma-Biotech Product and Company Valuation with Dr. Patrik Frei!


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