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Enabling biocircuits: New device could make large biological circuits practical
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Enabling biocircuits: New device could make large biological circuits practical

25.11.2014: Researchers have made great progress in recent years in the design and creation of biological circuits -- systems that, like electronic circuits, can take a number of different inputs and deliver a particular kind of output. But while individual components of such biological circuits can have precise and predictable responses, those outcomes become less predictable as more such elements are combined.

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Could the cause of cerebral palsy run in the family?
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24.11.2014: A study published by The BMJ has reported that there could be a link between cerebral palsy and the family. The research suggests that babies born into families in which a member has the condition...

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Viewing Cancer on the Move: New Device Yields Close-up Look at Metastasis
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21.11.2014: Johns Hopkins engineers have invented a lab device to give cancer researchers an unprecedented microscopic look at metastasis, the complex way that tumor cells spread through the body, causing more...

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13.11.2014: A small German company specialised in restoration and maintenance of lakes, aqua culture, complete building services and planning swimming, natural and chlorinated pools has developed a continuous...


11.8.2014: Understand the valuation concepts and techniques that are commonly applied in the pharma and biotech industries, Pharma-Biotech Product and Company Valuation with Dr. Patrik Frei!

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