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Scientists generate first human stomach tissue in lab with stem cells

Scientists generate first human stomach tissue in lab with stem cells

30.10.2014: Scientists used pluripotent stem cells to generate functional, three-dimensional human stomach tissue in a laboratory -- creating an unprecedented tool for researching the development and diseases of an organ central to several public health crises, ranging from cancer to diabetes. Scientists at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center report Oct. 29 in Nature they used human pluripotent stem cells -- which can become any cell type in the body -- to grow a miniature version of the stomach.

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Human nasal epithelial cells cultured on a microchip react to air pollutants
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27.10.2014: The upper respiratory tract is the first line of defense against air pollutants, including allergens, bacteria and environmental toxicants. Finger-like protrusions called cilia on the surface of the...

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New technique yields fast results in drug, biomedical testing
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30.10.2014: A new technique makes it possible to quickly detect the presence of drugs or to monitor certain medical conditions using only a single drop of blood or urine, representing a potential tool for...

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30.10.2014: A German biotech company is looking for new bioactive compounds of plant origin in order to co-develop and/or in-license bioactive food supplements for metabolic and mental performa...


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