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H1N1 virus ranks as a subtype of influenza virus A. Influenza A is transmitted on humans and causes most seasonal influenzas. Type H1N1 causes swine flu. Strains of influenza viruses are divided according to two proteins on the surface of the virus: H - hemagglutinin and N - neuraminidase. All influenza A viruses contain these two proteins, but their structure is different for each strain of flu, and thanks to rapid genetic mutation. There are situations where the H1N1 virus genetically mutates in a different cell strain. The biggest concern may be a mutation of the two virus strains of the virus, namely H1N1 and H5N1 - bird flu virus.

Against disease caused by H1N1 virus is most commonly used medicine Oseltamivir, which is known under the brand names Tamiflu or Relenza.

H1N1 virus.

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